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Although the quota of women in management positions is even lower than that of men, the magazine “Miami Ahora” recently published a new version of its ranking that highlights the 10 most influential executives in the business industry.


A business woman with  Nicaraguan roots, Sophia Lacayo has become the best ranked Latina in such a prime election.  Ms. Lacayo is the CEO of Solasi, an important Tax preparation and Accounting company.  Currently, a leading company in the Hispanic market. Sophia Lacayo was recognized as the “Business Woman of the Year” by the Chamber of Commerce of the States. A lawyer by profession, Lacayo arrived in the United States more than 14 years ago. Sophia Lacayo is solely responsible for  establishing a successful strategic direction which it’s based on putting the client at the center of everything  Solasi does.


Ms. Sophia Lacayo is also respected for her active participation in important political, cultural, professional and social events in the Community.  Her company employs a diverse group of people from various nationalities such as, Americans, Cubans, Venezuelans, Colombians, Ecuadorians and Nicaraguans. She is currently on important projects that will benefit Latinos residing in the United States.  Lacayo also leads a project with important universities in the United States and Spain, which will provide  the best preparation for professionals in Latin America. Sophia Lacayo is active in several industries and community organizations, including The Economic Club of Florida,  the Local Chamber of Commerce, and the American Chamber of Commerce.


Lacayo is the General Director of one of the most recognized  accounting and tax preparation school in Miami, which has graduated hundreds of students of all nationalities. Upon completion of their studies, graduates receive their credentials to be able to pursue their career immediately. The school has also been a generator of jobs and businesses in the community.
This young Nicaraguan-born entrepreneur steers her company with a flawless combination of affection and rectitude. Lacayo also dreams of getting involved in politics and has the support of the Nicaraguan community living in South Florida.


Today Ms. Lacayo is one of the most influential personalities within the Hispanic community. She is a female entrepreneur with a clear vision in her  lifestyle. A firm mindset, well balanced, and with positive outlooks. She is organized, sociable and above all, involved.

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